Advanced Scissor Program

Program Length: 
4 weeks

Week 1: Theory of Fine Scissoring and Styling of Heads
Week 2: Head Study Theory and Practical application of styling heads
Week 3: Companion Pet Styling of Heads vs. Show Grooming Heads
Week 4: Speed Control and accuracy of Head Styling

Application form

Pampered Paws™ will ensure that each individual is trained using carefully honed teaching instructions, so that you too, can create stylish animals for your clients. Handling, speed and accuracy are also part of the Stylist's tradition, and with increased skills learned, you will find better confidence and greater success in your field.

Your choice of where to learn advanced training is very important to your future. Pampered Paws™ success is base on our highly qualified and individualized instruction.

Pampered Paws™ is known for 80% of their graduates successfully running their own businesses in Japan, Germany, England, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Cayman Islands, Barbados, Canada and the United States.