Books for Programs

Books required on the First Day of Class:

All Books for the program you have chosen must be ordered and purchased by the applicant thru the National Agency of Pet Grooming Schools Inc. and must be available on the first day of class.

PawSoft Grooming Manual $ 275.00

Grooming Fundamentals Guiding Principals & Training Guide $ 250.00

Professional Animal Stylist Guiding Principals &Training Guide $ 300.00

Advanced Scissor Guiding Principals & Training Guide $ 275.00

Professional Pet Grooming Business Guiding Principals & Training Guide $ 275.00

Feline Guiding Principals Training Guide $300

Enhances Stylist Business Program $250

Please note that the prices of these books are subject to change and are current as of June 1, 2021

Additional Up-Graded Scissors are required to be purchased by the participant when entering the Enhanced Stylist, Organizational Teaching or Advanced Scissor Programs. Payment is made to the Grooming Institute of Canada. Remember to tell us whether you are left or right handed, when placing your order, as you will require special scissors if you are left-handed.