Resources for Pet Owners

National Groomer Association of Canada endorses responsible pet ownership, these resources will be of benefit to you during your pet ownership years.

We invite you to sign our petitions to make pet groomer essential and make them a stand alone profession.

We have joined arms with National Agency of Pet Grooming Schools to bring about this legislation changes. Presently all pet groomers are not listed as professionals.


We need your help! Please sign our petition for the Groomer Act that will bring all Groomers under one Governing Body allowing for all groomers to be recognized as a Profession and to bring us under the Ontario Health and Safety Act that we presently do not have as salon owners and businesses. Thus, elevating the safety of groomers and their patrons to a higher level in animal safety, hygiene and grooming skills. We at the NGAC and many pet owners believe this will increase consumer confidence and above all animal safety and care when your pet is left at the groomers. Leave your comment on this site or email us your support at

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