Vaccines provide protection against diseases and increase the likelihood of not getting sick or experiences less severe illness. Viruses can linger long after a dog is gone, so an unvaccinated dog that carries high viral or bacteria load can infect a number of other dogs days or even months after their visit especially if the facility is not cleaned and disinfected properly. Find out about your salon's vaccination policies, and think carefully about receiving services from a company that does not require vaccinations or is set up as "cage free". Here are the main vaccinations that are generally required for pet grooming:

  • Rabies: This disease attacks the central nervous system and  must be treated immediately, once symptoms appear will lead to 100% fatality rate. The CDC recommends euthanizing an unvaccinated animal that has been exposed to rabies, although six-month isolation followed by vaccination is also permissible. Due to it's high fatality rate and painful treatment for human, it's the law that dogs and cats must be vaccinated against Rabies to protect themselves as well as other animals and human around them. Animal must be protected against rabies as a client of Pampered Paws. The first rabies booster is administered one year after the initial dose and done every 3 years there after according to your vet’s advice or the rabies vaccine manufacturers guidelines.
  • Parvovirus: Parvo is a virus that can kill dogs within 48-72 hours of infection. The virus is incredibly persistent and, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, is resistant to heat, cold, humidity and drying. It’s spread by dog-to-dog contact or contact with contaminated feces, environments (food and water bowls, collars and leashes, etc.,)It doesn't infect human but can be passed to the animal if contaminated,  vaccinations are to protect the animals.
  • Adenovirus 2: Dogs receive this vaccination to protect against canine infectious hepatitis. The vaccination can also helps prevent canine cough. It's not transmittable between animal and human, vaccinations are to protect the animals.
  • Canine distemper virus: Distemper has no known cure and can cause serious pain, illness, brain damage and even death, although recovery is possible with medical intervention, damage that is done to the brain and nerve system could be  permanent.

Puppies between 8 to 18 weeks old may not develop full immunity even though they are vaccinated, therefore their interaction with other animals in the salon might be restricted for the safety of puppies. It's safe to groom young puppies  if the salon has proper set up and cleaning process.

At Pampered Paws all clients are required to be vaccinated at certain age according to the law and the advice from the veterinarian; cages, tubs and tables surface are make of stainless steel so they can be cleaned and disinfected effectively, all table mats can be removed, rinsed, and disinfected separately after each client; floors are scrubbed and disinfect multiple times daily to minimize the likely hood of disease transmitted through contact with the equipment and the surfaces of facility. Pet owners should be aware of the cleanliness and vaccination policies when looking for a salon.

Here is some more information about vaccinations that may be recommended by your vet.