Understand size, price, Regular Groom, Bath & other service

Toy Size: Measure from feet to shoulder under 10" AND weight under 8 lbs.

Miniature size: Measure from feet to shoulder  10" to 15" AND weight under 23 lbs.

Medium size: Measure from feet to shoulder from 15" to 18" AND weight under 45 lbs.

Large size: Measure from feet to shoulder  18" to 22" AND weight under 75 lbs.

X Large size: Measure from feet to shoulder 22" to 24" AND weight under 85 lbs.

Giant size: Measure from feet to shoulder over 24" OR  weight over 85 lbs.

At Pampered Paws, grooming prices are set based on the CKC/AKC breed standard, the labor and talent our licensed stylists put in to create that signature look, and/or other creative styles of your choice. Right now there are over 200 breeds listed on our website. If your pet resemble the same size, appearance, temperament and coat texture as described in the CKC, this list will accurately reflect the price you will be paying.

If your purebred dog has a height, weight, or hair texture that does not align with the breed standard as described by the CKC, the outcome of the grooming may be different as well. These factors affect the price of a REGULAR GROOM, the duration of the appointment as well as the frequency of your future grooming appointments. Our licensed stylist will carefully listen to you and share their professional opinion.

Because there is no official breed standard for crossbred dogs, REGULAR GROOM prices for crossbred dogs are set base on the size (not  weight), the coat texture, the labor and talent our licensed stylists put in the finished product.

A REGULAR GROOM is for  our four legs clients who are groomed every 3-6 weeks or  in similar condition, regardless of purebred or crossbred dogs. Their coat condition and health condition allow grooming to be done without excess de-mating, de-shedding and other specialty bath, multiple bath, degrease bath, de-skunk bath, flea bath etc. Our stylist will discuss what packages and schedule are going to get you superior results.

A REGULAR GROOM is an all inclusive package, it includes( items are not performed in the listed order below);


             Moisturize cream rinse depends on the needs of skin and coat texture

             Wet & dry combing and brushing

             Wet & dry clipping/scissoring/styling

             Texture enhancing blow drying

             Nail clipping and grinding

             Ear cleaning before and after the bath

             Teeth brushing with client's own toothbrush and paste 

If this is the first time we are working on your pet, the time and cost required for the service may be different than the initial estimate over phone or email; If we are able to interact with you and assess your animal's coat in person prior to the quote, and the day you arrive for the appointment with the same coat and skin condition , the differences between estimate and actual cost should be limited.

If an on site interview is not an option and we don't groom your pet on a regular basis, we will try to gather as much information as we can over the phone and/or email and use our knowledge and experience to give you an closest estimate. However, this may be inaccurate if we are not able to receive correct information from our clients, or the day you arrive with a very different coat condition. We suggest our clients to visit our salon for a quote so that there are no surprises with the bill and pickup schedule, especially if your pet is exceed our listed Miniature size.

Long hair breed puppies between 8-11 weeks will always need a REGULAR GROOM as their first grooming. Because this visit is so important, our stylist will not rush or skip the important training aspect in your puppies first grooming. Puppies 12 -16 weeks should have at least 2 REGULAR GROOM to satisfy their training and grooming needs. Puppies that have missed this learning opportunity may develop anxiety or other issues, handling charge may also be applied if a puppy has special needs. It's important to allow your stylist to teach your puppy to enjoy the grooming process, the earlier this process start the more comfortable your pet companion is going to be. It's especially important for medium, large, x-large, and giant breeds to start REGULAR GROOM at 8 weeks old when they are still Toy Size or Miniature size, then follow with revisit every 2-3 week  to reinforce a positive experience.

A REGULAR GROOM is recommended if your puppy's last grooming is over  5 weeks ago, even if their hair was trimmed short and  now is on the process of growing out  for a longer, fluffier style. Hair that is cut to a short length usually grows back out of proportion and can be corrected without affecting the overall length if it's performed by a talented stylist.

A BATH is for clients who are being groomed every 3-6 weeks and want to stay extra clean and fluffy in between appointments. Trimming on the body, around the face, mouth, eyes and ears is not included in a BATH.

A BATH includes;


            Moisturize cream rinse depends on the needs

             Wet & dry combing and brushing

             Pad hair trimming if applicable

             Sanitize trimming if applicable

             Texture enhancing blow drying or other drying method need for the breed

             Nail clipping and grinding

             Ear cleaning before and after the bath

             Teeth brushing with client's own toothbrush and paste


If your puppy is scheduled for a BATH  and you want  additional trimming  on face/eyes/ears or legs which is considered a upgrade to REGULAR GROOM , we may not have the capacity to up grade with a short notice , this is because when trimming happening on the face and around  the head, our stylist must make sure the transitioning to the the neck also be considered, then the trimming will be extend to the whole body, now trimming the legs, feet, chest, abdomen and tail  are also necessary to math the body to complete that balance look, this is not a quick fix , our stylists are too proud to lower their standards to deliver an unfinished low quality job. If we do have the capacity, we will upgrade the appointment to a REGULAR GROOM and update the final bill accordingly.

Nails alone is $35.00, this includes clipping and grinding off the rough edges, grinding can also prevent the quick to be pinched which  might lead to bleeding. We believe for most dogs and cats nails should be trimmed every 2-4 weeks to maintain the proper structure of the foot and walking posture. There is no quick fix for dogs who refuse their paws to be touched. Owner and stylist must be patiently working together to correct this behavior if your puppy past it optimal learning window which is 8-12 weeks old. Trimming nails during a REGULAR GROOM or a Bath helps to distract  your pet during Nails and desensitize their paws. Nails is $0 with a BATH or a REGULAR GROOM appointment.

De-matting is $75 per hour,  can be added to the package when it is needed for certain style outcomes. De-matting can only be performed when we can safely preform this task, ensuring the safety and comfort level of the animal.

EAR HAIR PLUCKING is $35, this is a separate service not included in a REGULAR GROOM or a BATH, many vets advice their patients to avoid ear plucking which might cause ear infection after the procedure. In such cases, long and thick hair inside the ears will be safely clipped and scissor away and the cost is $0 when is included in REGULAR GROOM or a BATH. Owners who request EAR HAIR PLUCKING for their pet should consult their vet first.

Anal Gland extraction is a treatment that should be performed under the supervision of veterinarian.

We often spot problems when washing and blow drying your pet and will bring that to your attention at the cost of $0 to you.

Special arrangement- If you can't find any listed services suits your needs, we will make arrangements that works for you and your four legs companion, this is a VIP service.